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Class Author Days
PHP Bot Protection
Detection of bot users asking predefined questions
By Germany 1

Convert CSV files to DBase format
By Benin 1
PHP Form Validation
Validate values of several types
By Tunisia 2
Random key value pair authentication

Authenticate human users using random value pairs
By United States 2
PHP Session MySQL Handler
Handler for storing session data in MySQL
By Germany 3
PHP CSS to Inline Styles
Convert CSS styles into HTML attribute values
By Germany 3
PHP Telegram Bot
Send and receive messages to Telegram users
By Spain 3
A framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bot
By Germany 3
Simple MySQLi Class
MySQL access abstraction layer using MySQLi
By Germany 3
Div PHP Template Engine
Template processing engine that replaces tags
By Cuba 3
PHP BCMath Extension
Add missing functions missing in BCMath
By Poland 3
PHP REST Client Class
Send REST request to a HTTP server
By Spain 3
Tiny PHP ORM Framework
Map objects to databases using composed queries
By Russian Federation 3
Class ip2c by Ofloo
Get the country of IP v4 or v6 address from ip2c
By Belgium 3
Create and edit JSON data setting class variables
By Russian Federation 3

Execute code depending on previous success result
By Italy 3
Modals, alerts and confirmation dialogs for Jaxon
Display Ajax modal, alert and confirmation dialogs
By Cameroon 4
Call PHP classes from JavaScript using AJAX
By Cameroon 4
Apple OS X build
Return OS X version from build number
By Hong Kong 4
PHP Router

Manage routes and dispatch requests to classes
By Spain 4
Rules Validation Class

Validate request values according to common rules
By Nigeria 4
PDO helper
Connect and access several database types with PDO
By Poland 5
Universal PHP Mailer
Compose and send email with attachments and images
By Hong Kong 5
PHP Suggestion Text Box
Retrieve auto-complete suggestions from database
By India 5
Dependency Injection Container

Register and get service container classes
By Germany 5
Apple iOS build
Get the version of a iOS build and version codes
By Hong Kong 6
PHP Session Manager

Manage values stored as session variables
By Spain 6
Div PHP Ways

Route HTTP requests to registered handlers
By Cuba 7
PHPLicengine API

Send HTTP requests to call REST Web service APIs
By Germany 7
Fuzzy search of arrays using the Bitap algorithm
By 8
PHP Google Translate
Translate texts using Google Translate Web page
By Macedonia 8
Corcel (Laravel + WordPress)
Use the WordPress backend with any PHP application
By Brazil 8
PHP Random Bytes
Generate cryptographically strong random bytes
By United Kingdom 8
QCM Class
Load, display and correct online questionnaires
By France 8
Very simple page details
Parse and extract Web page information details
By Benin 8
MySQL Queries with Conditions

Perform MySQL queries with simple conditions
By Viet Nam 8
Very simple page details

Parse and extract Web page information details
By Benin 9
Simple Form Validator

Validate forms with rules defined in the HTML
By Sweden 9
Div PHP Ajax Mapping
Call PHP classes and functions using AJAX requests
By Cuba 10
Div PHP Nodes
Manage database of objects stored in record files
By Cuba 10
Yorch MyDb
Execute queries on MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL
By Mexico 10
PHP PDO database class
Access databases using PDO
By Jordan 10
CodeIgniter Develbar
CodeIgniter library to show a developer toolbar
By Morocco 10
Get the different forms of language words
By Russian Federation 10

Load and save variable values to JSON files
By Spain 10
Real Time Chat
Manage multi-user chat using Web sockets
By Egypt 11

Aggregate multiple IP addresses in single ranges
By Australia 11
HTTP Abstraction
Parse HTTP requests and parse responses with PSR-7
By Iran 12
Phonetic Algorithms
Search text matching the sound of words
By Germany 12
Transliterate non-ASCII characters
By Germany 12
PHP Paginator
Show pagination links for listings split in pages
By Germany 12
Create graphic images with a fluent interface
By Peru 12
PHP EMail Check
Validate email addresses using DNS or find typos
By Germany 12
Manipulate arrays using a fluent interface
By Germany 12
PHP Anti XSS Filter
Remove tags from HTML that may cause XSS attacks
By Germany 12
Portable UTF-8
Manipulate UTF-8 text strings in pure PHP
By Germany 12
Base MVC Framework
MVC framework to be the base of Web applications
By Brazil 12
GImage PHP Canvas to Image
Create and compose canvas images from other images
By Peru 12
Read and write Excel spreadsheets in XLSX format
By Russian Federation 12
PHP Language Code

Get the name of language from code and vice-versa
By Spain 12
Caribu Console

Read and process console shell commands
By Germany 13

Get the real user IP address even behind proxies
By Spain 13
Service Container

Register container for service handlers
By Germany 14
PHP HTTP Status Code

Get descriptions of HTTP response status codes
By Spain 14
Laravel Account Kit

Authenticate users with Facebook accounts
By Nigeria 15
curl Master
Send HTTP requests using the curl extension
By Hong Kong 16
PHP AStar Algorithm
Find the path between two points in a grid with A*
By Germany 16
PHP HTML Minify Class
Compress HTML removing unnecessary data
By Germany 16
PHP HTML to Text Conversion
Parse HTML and extract text contained in it
By Germany 16
Simple Cache Class
Store cache values in different container types
By Germany 16
Manipulate HTML elements using DOMDocument
By Germany 16
CMS Airship
Content management system with security features
By United States 16
PHP File

Manipulate files and directories
By Spain 16
Save and Convert Images
Retrieve remote images and convert formats
By Spain 17
PHP Migrate Database
Migrate data that match conditions between tables
By Brazil 17
PHP Error Handler
Register handler for PHP errors and exceptions
By Spain 17
PHP Data Type
Convert objects to arrays
By Spain 17
Restructure the XML parsing results conveniently
By Russian Federation 17
PHP Cookie
Store and retrieve cookie values
By Spain 17
PHP Asset
Generate HTML to include JavaScript and CSS files
By Spain 17
PHP Look and Say Algorithm
Get the next number with ok and Say algorithm
By Spain 17
Get the MIME type of files from name extension
By Spain 17
Get IP by ISP
Get IP address ranges using Web service
By Russian Federation 17
JSON Object Mapper
Create objects of classes mapped from JSON strings
By Germany 17
CodeIgniter GetText
Load locale texts for CodeIgniter applications
By France 17
Little YouTube PHP
Search and get data from YouTube videos
By Indonesia 17
PHP Expressive
Base class for Object Relational Mapping
By Brazil 17
Laravel 2C2P
Send and process payment requests with 2C2P
By Myanmar 17
Laravel Highcharts
Display charts using the Highcharts API
By France 17
pixlab PHP Facedetect and Image Processing
Process images using the PixLab Machine Vision API
By South Africa 17
System Daemon
Start and stop daemon scripts in PHP
By Russian Federation 17
Start and manage parallel threads running classes
By Russian Federation 17
Real Time Chat

Manage multi-user chat using Web sockets
By Egypt 17
PHP Chrome PDF
Generate PDF or images of HTML pages with Chrome
By Italy 18
General purpose Web development classes
By Iran 18
abr4xas utilities
General purpose utility classes
By Venezuela 18
PHP IoC Container Service Manager
Dependency injection containers that can be nested
By Iran 18
Assinatura PagSeguro
Create payment subscriptions with PagSeguro
By Brazil 18
Modular Web application development framework
By Belarus 18
Giga CMS
Multi-user content management system
By Indonesia 18
NewWay PHP File Manager
Manage files and directories with AJAX interface
By India 18
Facturae PHP
Generate XML electronic bills paid in Spain
By Spain 18
PHP Model Class Generator
Generate model classes from MySQL SQL dump files
By Brazil 18
PHP MySQL Replication
Client to get MySQL replication events in pure PHP
By Poland 18
PHP Imap Library
Read and decode email from IMAP or POP3 mailboxes
By Bangladesh 18
PHP Error Handler

Register handler for PHP errors and exceptions
By Spain 18
make LibreOffice, OpenOffice & Ms Office documents
By France 19
PHP Data Type

Convert objects to arrays
By Spain 19

Convert JSON data into other formats
By Benin 19
PHP Base64 Encode and Decode
Encode and decode data in base64 in pure PHP
By Pakistan 20
GrabzIt PHP Library
Take screenshots of Web pages using GrabzIt
By United Kingdom 20
HAB Encryption
Encrypt and decrypt a string with a given key
By Pakistan 20
Laravel Talk
Manage a multiple user conversation system
By Bangladesh 20
Poirot Router

Route requests to callback functions based on URL
By Iran 20

Load classes and functions when needed
By Benin 20
PHP Cookie

Store and retrieve cookie values
By Spain 20
PHP Sodium Compat
Cryptographic functions of libsodium in pure PHP
By United States 22
Burge CMF
Framework to publish managed content
By Iran 22
Time Lock Crypt
Encrypt data using key generated for a time period
By Slovak Republic 22
PHP Asset

Generate HTML to include JavaScript and CSS files
By Spain 22
Image Key Cypher
Encrypt and decrypt text using images for the key
By United States 23
Save and Convert Images

Retrieve remote images and convert formats
By Spain 23
Fox micro framework
Model View Controller micro-framework
By Brazil 24
Standalone template engine that compiles into PHP
By Chile 24
Execute general purpose MySQL queries using PDO
By Bangladesh 24
PHP Look and Say Algorithm

Get the next number with ok and Say algorithm
By Spain 24
PHP Migrate Database

Migrate data that match conditions between tables
By Brazil 25
PHP Yandex Translate API Wrapper

Translate text between languages using Yandex API
By Italy 26
Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
By Russian Federation 27

Restructure the XML parsing results conveniently
By Russian Federation 27
PHP GPX Library
Parser and generator of GPS Exchange files
By Slovak Republic 28
Jaxon for Zend Framework
Zend plugin to call PHP classes from with AJAX
By Cameroon 28
Jaxon for Yii
Yi plugin to call PHP from with AJAX
By Cameroon 28
Jaxon for Symfony
Jaxon integration for the Symfony framework
By Cameroon 28
Jaxon for CodeIgniter
CodeIgniter plugin to call PHP from with AJAX
By Cameroon 28
Jaxon for CakePHP
This package integrates the Jaxon library into the
By Cameroon 28
Jaxon Sentry
Common classes for Jaxon based Ajax applications
By Cameroon 28
Jaxon for Laravel
Laravel plugin to call PHP classes from with AJAX
By Cameroon 28

Get the MIME type of files from name extension
By Spain 28
PHP Convert and Time Difference

Spell the time difference between now and one day
By Pakistan 29
Process files and images uploaded via a form
By France 30